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What is Bittorrent?

  1. Bittorrent is a content distribution technology called peer-to-peer (P2P). It allows you to share large amounts of data with several peers simultaneously for fast and efficient file transfers.
    For more information: Bittorrent - Wikipedia

Bittorrent is it legal?

  1. Yes, Bittorrent is legal. The torrent files contain only metadata information which allow you to download the actual files. As such, the torrent files are not copyrighted. However, the files you download through your torrent file can be protected. Downloading or distributing copyrighted content in this manner might can be illegal depending on your location. Rest assured, at Torrentdrive we make every effort to ensure the contents shared through us are safe and legal. If any copyrighted content passes through us, you can to bring them to our attention.

Why use Torrentdrive?

  1. The ease and simplicity of use Torrentdrive compared to a software of download (utorrent for example), because you do not need to control it what it does. Everyone can enjoy of largest peer to peer network without worrying about the technical part.

That allows me to Torrentdrive?

  1. Use Bittorrent network remotely from anywhere, anytime secure, anonymous and super fast.
  2. Automatic virus scanning of torrent files
  3. Automatic encoding in adaptive bitrate streaming.
  4. Find torrent files directly with our search engine.
  5. Organize your torrent files in your account by creating your directories.
  6. Enjoy your contents with streaming adapted to the speed of your Internet connection, where you are from a computer, tablet or mobile and television (via Chromecast), or download directly to your device.

Why Torrentdrive is better than a free torrent client (like utorrent for example)?

  1. Torrentdrive is used for people who do not want to install software on their computer, use the links torrent sites, copy the links in the software and then download to their computer. For many people, these operations can seem complicated.
  2. Torrentdrive offers all necessary functions grouped on the site.
  3. Torrentdrive is simple but also suitable for torrent experts!
  4. Torrentdrive is an online service that allows you to access your files wherever you are on a laptop, phone, tablet
  5. Our servers are not the limit of internet connection that can download much faster your torrent files. Most consumer Internet service providers slowing Bittorrent traffic because it is a large consumer of bandwidth.
  6. Torrentdrive allows you to download between 2 and 10 times faster than your personal connection.
  7. Files are cached and are available immediately while the file is downloaded at least once a month.
  8. Our secure HTTPS connection protects you. This means that nobody can detect what you download, watch or listen to. You do not need to use a paid service VPN, for example.

Torrentdrive you do to save money

  1. You save electricity because you do not need to keep your computer on while downloading large files torrent.
  2. No need to buy additional hard drives to store your files.
  3. No need to pay a VPN system to protect your connection..
  4. Save your time with our integrated search engine and online management of your torrent files.

Can i close my account?

  1. You can when you want to close your account. But remember that you will lose all your files and will not be entitled to any refund in proportion to the rest of your time subscription unused. To pass a Premium for a free account, you must first close your Premium account and then create a new free account. The use of multiple accounts for a single user is not allowed.

Legal aspects

  1. General terms of use
  2. Privacy Policy

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